Say Something

I need you to say something. I need you to tell me I’m crazy and you have no idea why I’m saying these things. I need you to say we’re just friends, nothing can ever happen. Nothing will ever happen. Or I need you to say you feel it too. Because I feel it when you look at me. That night you came into the store and you lingered a bit longer than usual by the counter. That made a difference. I noticed. And the way you looked at me that night. From the start, at your apartment, talking about your new girlfriend. I wasn’t jealous, I liked the way you confided in me. And maybe we just drank too much. Maybe that’s all it was for you. But then why can’t I stop thinking about you? Why do I need to text you, spend time with you? Why do I make a point to stop by your work, for no reason at all? Stealing your time here and there, to get my fix of this overpowering feeling. I need to know if you think of me too. If you go home, fighting off the urge to text me, wondering about the next time you’ll see me. I need to know now if this is a mistake, before it’s too late.