Hold Me

By an unusual way for us both to meet
You made it hard to not fall for you,
The genuine look of amazement everytime we locked eyes
The sense of comfort and warmth I had been unaware that I craved
I had a similar feeling before- I had been broken for a while
I never knew how badly I had been hurt- I will always be the one to suppress any negativity/try to focus on the good
I hate that I’ve carried this hurt into us- I haven’t even comprehended it until recently
I’m ashamed of how naive I had been at that time 
And your opinion means the world to me
Maybe that’s why I haven’t fully opened up
Broken down ALL of my walls
Because I’m terrified of being in that helpless place again 
How do you get undeniably intimate with someone and be confident you won’t lose them? 
Sometimes I’ll be frustrated that you can’t confide in me 
When I’m the one who can’t confide in you- in anyone
You’ve shown me what I need and what I desire 
I hope to lose myself and become completely lost and vulnerable to you
Please understand I’m completely crazy for you/your hugs are my favorite and I never want you to let me go