Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. In your 20s, basically impossible odds. We were each others first loves and everyone knew we were inseparable. Once we broke up and went to different colleges we still would chat every day, talked through all our relationships, helped with problems, and maintained our friendship for years. Our friendship killed one of my relationships and almost killed the one I am in currently. People were afraid of how close friends we were but I just knew time was limited. You put it in remission several times and always told me when you had more chemo and I would always be there to give support. I moved on and found a great girl who I truly love and wanted to maintain our friendship. As time got close you got jealous of our relationship and kind of distanced yourself. I never got to see you be happy again or get to talk about our problems one last time to know we were alright. Ghosts aren't real, they are just figments of our over bombarded senses. The real ghosts are just thoughts and memories, of mistakes and misgivings that are permanent.