You Swore That’s What Love Felt Like

The way you described her sounded like invasion 
Messy love and bitter coffee 
How even though you couldn’t breath when she left there were moments when your breath was in sync with hers .
and you swore that’s what love felt like. 
Never having to breath on your own. 
I don’t know if it was the artificial highs or the 4am walks around the neighborhood of the family who forgot you.
But time has a weird way of warping your memories.
And I don’t remember what your voice sounds like but I remember how your moms Avalon smelled
And I’m grasping for threads today 
But I know someone else is occupying your mind tonight
And usually same with me
But September feels like impending fall. Invasion. Colder weather and warm skin. Messy love. And trying to settle into the first weeks of school. Bitter coffee.