You Made Me Forget I Had A Boyfriend

I cought your eye because I was different. You recognized it without a word from me, you saw it in my eyes. My body is what cought your attention, but my eyes is what kept you hooked. 

We started off slow and mysterious. Our bodies and eyes did the talking and it was thrilling. I didn't drool over you like the rest, I kept you drooling over me with small nibbles of sexy affection. I think that drove you nuts and you loved it. 

You made me forget I had a boyfriend at the time, and I didn't tell you. My morals had gone out the window, because I was already drowning in lust. Then you told me you were married.. I didn't care, things happen for a reason I thought. You opened up in ways I never saw coming. You confined in me. I made you comfortable. You told me you want us, you want me to wait for the marriage to be over, regardless of my strictly lustful intentions; because I'm no fool, this intense sexual thing only comes along for a short period of time, this was never going to be a real relationhsip, because I've had dozens of these; but you convinced me otherwise. You said you were hooked, and I believed you. 

I broke up with him , so I can be invested in you, tho I never had you 100%. 

I took you out of your dark world of living with a wife you kept a secret from the world  and didnt love, drinking every chance you got like it was a race. I brightened it all up.  I took you to trips, I made you feel young and alive again. You would stare at me like a kid waiting for his ice cream to be handed to him . It made me feel confident and sexy. I was falling and I was convinced that you would be my man..100% mine in a year once your got the 10 year viza. 

But as the seasons started to cool down so did you. Spontaneous hot trips started to come to an end. You changed, tho you denied it. You said u were still invested and you still wanted to take me to Europe to meet up dad, but you are just good with words, a charmer.. and your world revolves around IG was all part of your job.

I became obsessed that u had a 3rd person on the side, that you were in different womens DMs. It started to consume me. I was no longer that confident sexy woman that made you laugh. I didn't like me any more. Seeing you 3 times a week turned into once a week for 2 hours if I was lucky. You made me question myself.

I called it quits. I couldn't allow myself to be weak. I've never been weak and i wasn't  going to allow a man to destroy my spirit . You took it well, tho I didn't expect tears even if you were crushed. I still don't know if you had someone else, just lost interest or I just made it all up on my head. 

I asked you the other day if you are happy, and you said you don't know. In my heart I really hope you miss us and that's the reason for your uncertainty in your happiness...

 But I'm good, iv found another and he is magic. So don't worry about me baby, because I'm a pro at letting go. 

Like Riri says "Don't get it twisted

You was just another nigga on the hit list

Tryna fix your inner issues with a bad bitch

Didn't they tell you that I was a savage...

You needed me

To feel a little more, and give a little less

Know you hate to confess.." 

So, I'm glad I did my purpose and made you happy and good for those 8 months, now it's someone else's turn.