You Crashed Into My Body

stirred by the fragrance
lingering over the leather across my shoulders
where your palms left an imprint 
that burned deep below my skin
sizzling cells call for the rain
entangled with traces of your DNA
downward spirals all the way to hell
they say we fear the unknown
yet i froze at the apprehension that
all fun and games turned real and concrete
after i’ve felt you merged with my being
you now reside under my skin
with all past and future lovers,
heartbreaks and fairytales of this heart
i need to be real
remove the veil that’s not fooling anybody
i feel your being as close as my own breath
i hear every exhalation of anger feeding the lotus flower
floating just under the surface of my blood’s lake
i found you light, airy, almost too light
now i crawl under the weight of your eminence
i’ve placed you in line among the magnificent company
of my muse collection
queens, goddesses and forgotten stars.
if i lay it down in front of you
will you run for the hills
or stare in my eyes like an ancient creature
as few times before
like a reptilian nymph holding the entire wisdom of this universe
i drown in your sorrow
and suffocate with the flashback of your hot breaths
when soaked with innocence 
desire and animal drive
you surrendered me your body
pulsating under my being
the earthquake shook me to my foundation
at the glimpse of your eyes and your tongue in my mouth

you crashed into my body

i felt all our entities crazed indulging in this magnetic feast.
your entire existence entered my being 
like a lighting strike, silent and fleeting on a dark summer sky
bringing the storm while the village below is slumbering in serenity of the night
faced with myself, the deepest wounds and shadows,
i, at last, have no hiding place in
if only i knew that hazy, lighthearted night
i’m about to be shaken to the core
i would’t have change anything at all.
take me for this spin
shed my skin for i’ll be reborn from the ashes once again
when you are done with the killing spree.