How I Feel When I'm With You

To You,

There's not a word I can find to describe how I feel when I'm with you. They've all been oversaturated, used incorrectly, underwhelming in comparison to your magic. They're not enough for someone who is more than. I can, however, list the ways you make me melt, and I'll read upon them over and over until I find the right word to say.

The first thing I feel in the morning is the curve of your body protecting mine 

The first thing I hear is the deep desire in your voice, patiently waiting for me to wake

The first thing I see is the sleepy way you're looking back at me

The first thing I taste is the salty sweat of being tangled up with you

The first thing I smell is the coffee you've made me, perfected in my peculiar taste

You say you want a wife who will challenge you, and for the first time, I consider it

You say you want children to love unconditionally, and for the first time, I consider it

You say that because I bring warmth to your heart, you want this all with me,

For the first time, I believe it.

Your curly dark hair, lightly greyed with experience

Your wide-eyed grin, naturally displayed every time I walk in

Your bright, brown eyes, promising more devotion than I thought possible

Your sturdy, built arms that hold me close, and even tighter when I push away 

Your sweetly scented chest and how I'm enveloped when you carry me  

Your powerful legs and the foundation in which you've built us upon

Your strength and sensitivity, intertwined into the best example of a Man

The way you care for your family

The way you care for your friends

The way you care for yourself

The way you care for me 

I've been told I'm beautiful, 

I've been told you're mine to keep, 

I've been told you've made plans,

I've been told I no longer have to be alone

I've heard this before, but for the first time, I'm listening.

Our list of adventures

Our list of movies

Our list for the grocery store

Our list for what we hope for

When it comes to anything I can provide for you,

"add it to the list"

Yes, this is a good start for now. Just a few of the ways you have me wanting more, wishing for more, encouraged to be more. Hardly scratching the surface, but I plan to spend the rest of our days looking for the word that could encompass all of the above. I'm in no rush. 

Yours, in the truest sense,