There’s A Girl At Work

There’s a girl at work who I’ve taken a great interest in, an interest which has built up over time. Because it’s such a big building we work in we rarely get time to speak but when we do it’s so strange because I feel like we both want to say so much to each other but we’re both still new to how each other’s mind works so neither of us can be too forward. When we make eye contact it feels so intimate, so intense, at night or even when I’m not doing anything at work I’d think about what kind of lover she would be, passionate? Rough? Freaky? She might even be all. Her body is something like I’ve never seen before, the way she carries herself I know she’s very confident. I feel like sex with her would be such a trip, a psychedelic trip you know what I mean? Like we’ve almost come out of our everyday bodies and into something much more. Our vibes are very similar to one another so I can tell. I’ve also thought about what she would taste like when eating her out, the sound of her ass clapping against my dick when we’re in doggy, pulling her hair. She has an amazing ass so I know she loves it, heck I want to even eat her ass, I hope she’s into that stuff anyway so I don’t look like a freak lol. Maybe one day our mutual silence will become much more.