By Societies Standards

Being healthy is somewhere between grabbing the vibrator for the 5th time this week and finding someone special and keeping them close.
By societies standards if you cut out sugar you’re healthy.
By societies standards if That phase of cutting myself didn’t result in my life ending then I’m healthy. 
Stay holy and pure but don’t feel godly... and you’re healthy.
An unheard child who fits into the “appropriate “ size for their age.Healthy.
The self help and diet fads on getting fit don’t cover the feeling when you see your family and feel like you don’t... fit.
You can scroll Pinterest for hours but there is no recipe on how to make the perfect first impression or how to flavor the last thoughts before you sleep. 
Smile and you’re healthy 
Don’t cringe when you’re being touched and you’re healthy 
Fill pages full of feelings you’re too healthy to talk about... and I promise you’ll fit.